15 series based on real events

Sometimes we watch TV shows and think that all these stories are sheer fiction. But sometimes the creators of even the craziest plots are inspired by real life incidents.
We found series for our readers that tell the audience completely fictional stories.

Breaking Bad / Breaking Bad

Movie Search: 8.8 / IMDb: 9.5

The creation of this series, which became a real world hit, was inspired by the real stories of several chemistry teachers at once - Wilm Duncan, who cooked meth on the school grounds in Texas, and Stephen Doran, who was involved in the sale of drugs, who was diagnosed with stage III cancer.


Movie Search: 7.3 / IMDb: 7.8

The events of the series unfold against the backdrop of US secret work to create the world's first atomic bomb. The best scientists are working on a project in the New Mexico desert and, together with their families, are trying to survive in a world where secrets and lies have firmly penetrated their lives.

Goldbergs / The Goldbergs

Movie Search: 6.6 / IMDb: 8.2

The series tells the story of a Jewish family living in America in the 1980s. Each of the members of this notorious family has its own distinctive character traits, thanks to which it is famous throughout the district. Heroes were written off from family members of the creator of the series Adam Goldberg, who actually transferred to the screens of history from his childhood.

Orange - the hit of the season / Orange Is the New Black

Movie Search: 7.9 / IMDb: 8.2

Screen adaptation of the memoirs of Piper Kerman. For a crime committed in the past, the main character is in prison for a long 15 months. From now on, she needs not only to get used to the new environment, but also just to survive.

Kabul kitchen / Kaboul Kitchen

IMDb: 7.7

The series, which can be attributed to the genre of black comedy, is based on the real story of the Frenchman, who opened a restaurant in the capital of Afghanistan in 2005.

Brothers in Arms / Band of Brothers

Movie Search: 8.6 / IMDb: 9.5

A film adaptation of the eponymous book by Stephen Edward Ambrose, which tells about the combat route of company E (Easy) from a training camp in Taccoa, Georgia, through a landing in Normandy, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Baston until the end of the war.

Boardwalk Empire

Movie Search: 8.1 / IMDb: 8.6

A film adaptation of Nelson Johnson's book, which describes the transformation of Atlantic City from a small quiet resort town into one of the most famous capitals of gambling and show business. The series takes place in the 1920s.


Movie Search: 7.7 / IMDb: 7.9

The series tells the story of Louis XIV, who ascended the throne when he was 4 years old. In order to survive under the pressure of the Council of Ministers, which ruled the country for many years, the king is trying to build a new power in a village located far from Paris.

Secrets in the kitchen / Kitchen Confidential

Movie Search: 7.8 / IMDb: 8.2

A film adaptation of the chef's book of the same name by Anthony Bourdain, in which he talks about what really happens behind closed doors of professional kitchens around the world.


Movie Search: 8.4 / IMDb: 8.9

The series, based on a real chronicle of the criminal life of the famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who earned billions in his illegal business.

The Fall

Movie Search: 7.7 / IMDb: 8.2

The local population of a city in Northern Ireland is being terrorized by a serial killer, and city police cannot figure out this maniac. The story of the real-life American serial killer Dennis Raider, who operated in the United States in 1974-1991.

Difficulties of Assimilation / Fresh Off the Boat

Movie Search: 7.1 / IMDb: 8.0

The real story of an Asian family living in America in the 1990s. One day, the whole family moves from Washington to Orlando in order to open a meat restaurant. And this move becomes a real cultural shock for them.

Clinic / Scrubs

Movie Search: 8.7 / IMDb: 8.4

The popular sitcom of the 2000s is based on real events from the life of the friend of the creator of the series, Bill Lawrence. After that, Jonathan Doris told him about his work in the clinic as a novice doctor, the producer decided to make a full-fledged series dedicated to the life and career of young residents.


Movie Search: 7.6 / IMDb: 7.8

The Real Story of Public Relations Specialist Judy Smith. After long work for the president of the United States, the heroine creates her own crisis management agency, whose goal is to eliminate the problems of high-ranking clients before they become public domain.

Everybody Hates Chris

Movie Search: 7.9 / IMDb: 7.4

Chris is the oldest child in the family, and therefore he partially lays on the upbringing of his younger sister and brother. But unlike them, he does not have to go to a privileged school, where he immediately becomes a target for other classmates. The series is based on real events from the life of comedian Chris Rock.

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