Films based on only one actor

If you are tired of template movies, we recommend that you pay attention to the films of one actor. Not a hackneyed plot, an unexpected denouement, and throughout all the films attention is paid to only one hero.


From year to year, the Wall-I Robot works diligently on an empty Earth, cleansing our planet from the mountains of debris that people left after flying into space. He does not imagine that incredible events will happen very soon, thanks to which he will meet friends, rise to the stars and even be able to change for the better his former owners, who have completely forgotten their native Earth.

In the wild

After graduating from Emory College, one of his leading students and athletes Christopher McCandless leaves all his property, donates $ 24,000 accumulated during his studies to a charity fund, and hitchhikes to Alaska to plunge into the wild. On the way, Christopher gets to know different people, one way or another influencing his life.


The hero of this picture, Chuck Nolan, is an employee of the world famous Federal Express delivery service. Chuck is a meticulous practitioner and incorrigible pedant. The life of Nolan, a high-ranking inspector of the FedEx international branches, is minute by minute. But fate made Nolan take a different look at the time allotted to him. The plane on which Chuck travels falls into the ocean. The engineer, the only one who was lucky enough to stay alive, ends up on a desert island. Here Nolan will have to spend painfully long years in a fierce battle for survival.

Phone station

One phone call can change a person’s whole life or even interrupt it. The hero of the film Stu Shepherd becomes a prisoner of a telephone box.
What will you do if you hear a telephone ring in a telephone booth? Most likely, instinctively pick up the phone, although you know perfectly well that someone just made the wrong number. And it seems to Stu that the call must be answered, and as a result he is drawn into a monstrous game. “Just hang up, and you are a corpse,” an invisible interlocutor tells him.

Hope does not fade away

A tall tanned man travels on a luxury yacht in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, but the idyllic picture changes overnight, and the hero finds himself face to face with the abyss. For the sake of those who remained on the shore, he will engage in a battle with a ferocious element.


Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant specialist in medical engineering, goes on his first space mission under the command of astronautics veteran Matt Kowalski, for whom this flight is the last before retirement. But during the seemingly routine work overboard, a disaster happens.

Buried alive

The hero of the film, Paul, who is in Iraq under contract, during an ambush loses consciousness and after a while comes to himself in a strange, cramped dark place. It is not difficult to guess that, using a lighter, Paul discovers himself buried in a coffin. He has to survive many terrible, psychologically difficult, physically impossible moments of the struggle for his own life in attempts to get out of an unexpected trap.


Ivan Lock lives a measured life and works very hard to succeed. Tomorrow is one of the most important in his life, he is waiting for career growth. But in the evening, a phone rings, which will turn his life upside down. Now, in order to survive, he has to win the battle with time. He has only 90 minutes.


Secret agent Jeremy Raines is abducted by mysterious strangers. One of the best masters of his craft was circled around his finger and used as bait in a terrorist operation. The life of Jeremy and his entire family is in the balance. The bill goes on for minutes, and he has less and less time to hand over the secret information to the kidnappers, which he vowed to keep at the cost of his own life.


The hero woke up in a wrecked car in the middle of some jungle. The car is broken, his leg is broken, there are several corpses around, and the car has a revolver. He does not remember anything - how he ended up here and even what his name is. Around the dense forest and no one. First you need to somehow survive, and then try to get to people. And along the way, remember what happened. And since there is also a bag full of money in the trunk, you still need to be saved from people who will try to kill.


The famous writer Mike Enslin, composing his novels in the horror genre, writes another book about unusual phenomena and poltergeist in hotels. Not believing in the existence of the afterlife, Enslin decides to settle in the infamous room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel, which has been vacant for many years: according to rumors, ghosts live there. Despite warnings from senior manager Mr. Gerald Olin about imminent danger, the stubborn insists on his own, not even imagining what a nightmare the upcoming night will turn into.

I'm a legend

Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson about an unknown virus that claimed the lives of half the world's population, and turned the remaining half into vampires. The plot is built around the only surviving person with inexplicable immunity, holding an endless siege of ghouls at night, and during the day trying to find an antidote and find out the causes of the epidemic.

127 hours

The unstoppable climber and lover of caves hidden in canyons once again, alone, travels to the mountains and finds himself in a death trap. 127 hours without food, without drinking, and with little or no hope of survival. This is where the strength of character manifests itself.

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