15 Best Netflix TV Shows That Everyone Will Like

For many years, the famous and successful film company Netflix has been popular among a large audience of viewers. The leading company is engaged in the production and creation of true masterpieces of cinema art that are worthy of the attention of moviegoers. The main advantage of the film company is interesting films, with a dynamic and intricate plot and intriguing series with an unpredictable denouement. The presented film versions go online simultaneously with the premiere in high quality, and the multi-series format is published in full version.
The choice of films is wide, diverse and multifaceted, which, without a doubt, will attract the attention of viewers. In the video library, everyone will find a suitable film to their liking and can enjoy a pleasant viewing. Our portal presents the best news from Netflix series, which will not leave indifferent even the most demanding moviegoers.

Top 5 Netflix TV shows worth watching

Black mirror

© Netflix

The world of innovative technologies does not stand still and is rapidly moving forward. The technology is constantly developing and confidently entered the life of people, making it easier, more convenient and more practical. However, people cannot use technology correctly, involuntarily replacing the real world with a virtual one. Without noticing it, they destroy and break their fates, which is a serious threat to society.

The series makes you rethink what is happening and think about true, life values.

House of cards

© Netflix

Francis Underwood is a successful and senior congressman. He has served the government for a long time, achieving success. One day he receives a lucrative and attractive offer from Garrett Walker. The politician offers a high position of secretary of state in exchange for assistance in obtaining the presidency. The hero agrees and assists, after which he is refused the appointment. Now they are driven by a desire for revenge and retribution, for which a conceived plan has already appeared.

The film is full of intrigue, deceit, shattered hopes and unfulfilled desires, showing what a person is capable of for revenge.

Forgotten by God

© Netflix

For a long time, the inhabitants of the Wild West are subjected to ruthless attacks and attacks by bandits. Led by brutal and cold-blooded Frank Griffin, criminals rob, attack and kill civilians, always unpunished. But one day, one of the members of the group decides to leave the illegal activity and punish the bandits by stealing the stolen property. Trying to hide, he finds himself in a small suburb inhabited exclusively by girls.

An exciting and dynamic series filled with chases, shootings and the scorching sun of the desert.

13 reasons why

© Netflix

On the threshold of his own home, Clay Jensen finds a strange message. Opening the box, the guy sees the audio recordings of the deceased Hannah on the eve of her death. Audio cassettes shed light on the tragic story of the girl's death and indicate 13 reasons that became the motive for the terrible suicide.

A series about the death and fate of an unhappy girl, revealing all the tragedy and showing the true meaning of life, which is worth considering.


© Netflix

The plot is based on real life, fate and the path to success in the illegal business of the great drug lord - Pablo Escobaro. The hero began his illegal activities in his youth, engaged in drug trafficking. Gradually, his authority and respect in criminal circles increased, which in the future made it possible to build a huge narcotic empire and stand at its head.

The real-life story of an influential authority tells about his difficult and thorny road to success and the main goal.

5 Netflix TV shows intertwined with a mystical and exciting plot

Very strange things

© Netflix

Recently, in the vicinity of a small, calm town, the mysterious disappearance of a young guy, Will, has occurred. Where the young man disappeared is unknown, there are no traces and evidence at the scene. The unhappy mother, along with the friend of the missing - Mike, throws all his strength in search of a son. In the course of a personal investigation, the heroes appear on the guy’s trail, realizing that his disappearance is connected with mystical events.

The mystical detective series is intriguing and fascinating, with an unpredictable turn of events and an unexpected denouement.

Eighth feeling

© Netflix

As a result of strange and mysterious circumstances, eight people, of completely different nationalities, status and culture, are connected by common feelings. Being in different parts of the world, they experience feelings, emotions and feelings of each other, having an inexplicable relationship. Soon this government will learn about this unique ability, which is frightening and alarming. They fear for the future of the vast world and begin a real hunt for heroes, in an attempt to destroy them and eliminate the danger.

Watching the series makes the viewer experience a lot of vivid emotions, excitement and worries about the fate of the main characters.

Jessica jones

© Netflix

In the recent past, Jessica Jones had super powers and wore the title of superhero. She defended the calm and peaceful life of the city, protecting and protecting the world from villains. The girl was able to deftly and skillfully deal with enemies, destroying the frantic evil. But once the heroine lost her abilities and decided to continue the fight against crime. Now she works as a detective agency, trying to confront anti-heroes. But the past again invades her new life and ahead of her is a meeting with the main, especially dangerous enemy.

An exciting and dynamic series will appeal to everyone who prefers a tense and interesting plot.


© Netflix

At a young age, Matt Murdoch suffered a severe injury, which caused complete loss of vision. However, this did not become a terrifying tragedy for the guy, because having lost the opportunity to see, he found his true destiny. His feelings intensified several thousand times, which allowed him to move calmly and confidently. The hero decided to use his newfound abilities in the fight against crime and evil, protecting and safeguarding the peace of his native city, having received the calling of “Daredevil”.

With deep meaning, a life series makes it possible to understand that there is a choice in any situation, despite the difficulties and circumstances.

Luke Cage

© Netflix

Caught in prison, Luke Cage is subject to an unsuccessful experiment, which leads to gaining unique strength. Once free, the hero tries to forget the horrors of the past and begin a new, quiet life without using force. He works hard and hard, trying to become a conscientious and decent citizen. However, the killing of a close and dear person forces the guy to take advantage of power and administer justice. He intends to brutally avenge and destroy everyone who is involved in the death of innocent people.

The loss of a near and dear person pushes to desperate actions, even if they are not always true and sometimes illegal.

5 Netflix series with intriguing and dynamic eye-catching

Detective Agency Dirk Gently

© Netflix

The usual and measured life of an ordinary guy Todd changes dramatically at the moment of meeting with a strange and peculiar stranger. He appears to be Detective Dirk Gently, investigating an intricate murder. Suspicions of others fall on Todd and everyone is sure that this is his doing. However, the detective claims the opposite, and is ready to prove to everyone that he was not involved in the case of the main suspect.

Detective and intriguing episodes of the series will captivate everyone with their unpredictability and a bewitching storyline.


© Netflix

After a sudden disappearance, after a long seven years, the missing girl returns to her hometown. Those close to her are glad to see her again, amazed at the healing of her vision. But where has the heroine been all these years? And what caused the restoration of a sense of touch for everyone remains a question?

The dramatic and original plot will reveal secrets, and answer questions raised throughout the viewing.


© Netflix

Frank was tired of currying favor with the mafia boss and fulfilling all his instructions. Trying to find a way out, he decides to expose authority before police agents. Realizing that now he is in danger from the bandits, the hero moves to Lillehammer, where he hopes to safely hide from the violence. However, it is becoming unsafe here, because bandits are clearly following its trail.

A fun, comedy series will allow you to relax and enjoy a pleasant vacation with your family.


© Netflix

After long wanderings, Danny decides to return home. Here the relatives are not really waiting for him and are not very welcoming. However, the guy returned to his native land not for a pleasant meeting and reunion with his family, but in order to ruthlessly avenge the Reiberns for everything that he experienced in an unhappy childhood.

The series tells about how a tough and unfair attitude breeds hatred, anger and treachery.

Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes

© Netflix

The unfortunate children Klaus, Violet and Sunny Baudelaire lose their parents and their own home in a terrible fire. Orphans remain completely alone on the street and fall under the care of the greedy and treacherous Count Olaf. Uncle absolutely does not think about caring for children, using them only for the sake of inheritance. But the guys manage to escape and find themselves under the care of other relatives. However, Olaf continues to pursue them, ruthlessly removing from the path all who prevent him from getting to the money of orphans.

The series is about the difficult, life circumstances of unhappy children trying to independently overcome obstacles and confront evil.

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