15 films for those who want to move gyrus

These films should be watched carefully and thoughtfully, but all the better: empty romantic comedies and soap operas quickly get bored, and you want real food for the mind. This list contains 15 paintings for intellectuals.

Imitation game

During the Second World War, battles were fought not only in the fields and trenches, but also in laboratories, headquarters and research centers. The Enigma code, with the help of which secret letters of the enemy were sent, had to be decrypted in order to have a chance to shake the strength and power of the German troops. Alan Turing, a renowned mathematician and logician, and then still a very young and ambitious scientist, takes on a difficult task in the hope of winning this battle.


Matthew is a successful financier, but the past haunts him: on the eve of a business trip, he accidentally meets his ex-girlfriend named Lisa at a restaurant table and decides to track her down. In parallel with this, he meets another girl, and by strange coincidence, her name is also Lisa. Gradually, the ball begins to spin, and Matthew realizes that he and both girls are somehow connected.

Girl on the train

Rachel's life is a continuous routine, but there is something that keeps her afloat and helps to believe in the best: every day she goes to work past a cozy cottage where, in her opinion, an ideal couple of lovers lives. But once a delightful illusion collapses: a stranger, who has become for Rachel an example of well-being and happiness, suddenly disappears. Rachel immediately realizes that something is wrong. Perhaps the girl was killed? Who could do that? Her lover?


Beware of meeting yourself - who knows what consequences may come after this? On a tip from a friend, Adam takes a movie disc in a video rental, and as a cameo, he notices the actor, surprisingly, like two drops of water similar to himself ... A standard search on the Internet does not lead to anything - and now Adam is already obsessed with the idea of ​​finding his double. This thought so sits in his head that gradually the man seems to begin to go crazy.

Illusion of deception

Daniel, Henley, Merritt and Jack are not just illusionists. Yes, they gather full halls and amaze the audience with amazing tricks, but, in addition, this is a group of professional scammers. Behind their tricks, they hide the real robberies of banks and not only. Dylan and Alma are agents of the FBI and Interpol, and are entrusted with catching the criminals. But it is unlikely that it will be so simple, because their opponents are real pros in their field.


An urgent need for a mother’s funeral is bringing lawyer Hank Palmer to a parental home full of grieving relatives. Soon he learns shocking news: his father, a local influential judge, is accused of killing his wife. Hank is at a loss. Can this really be true? The man decides to stay home to find out, and gradually gets more and more bogged down in a web of secrets and mysteries that his relatives weave.


The worst nightmare of any parent is the loss of their beloved and only child. This is what happens in Keller’s life: his six-year-old daughter and girlfriend do not return from a walk, and in a panic, the man immediately turns to the police. Unfortunately, the authorities are not in a hurry to look for girls, but time is running out like water through fingers, and Keller, realizing that he can’t hesitate anymore, takes the investigation into his own hands.

Slide game

In 2008, the global economic crisis will break out, and only the lazy will not talk about it and suffer about it. But until several months before the tragedy, and only a few people on Wall Street, smart enough and adventurous, anticipate the imminent collapse of global financial assets. This knowledge gives them a special power and a special position - they begin to earn big money, not yet knowing what awaits them in the near future.

Best deal

Virgil - the owner of a large auction house. One fine day, a mysterious stranger appears on his doorstep: she asks to resell the antiques that once belonged to her relatives. Among the expensive paintings and luxury goods are details of the ancient mechanism, which Virgil and his friend Robert are keenly interested in. Is it possible to restore this mechanism? And what power does he have?

Second life uwe

Already over seventy, and he has his own oddities: from time to time he comes across with a gun in his hands, with a knotted rope on the ceiling hook, or with a handful of pills. Does the poor man have suicidal thoughts? His new neighbors, whom Uwe sincerely hates, are trying to understand. Perhaps, to bring them to a solution could be the cat Uwe, whom the old man is not able to drive away from himself. But, alas, cats do not know how to talk.

American scam

In the late 70s in the Middle East, the FBI carried out a special operation. They introduced their best agents into the criminal environment, acting as dummy intermediaries-buyers of stolen paintings, luxury goods and antiques. But the matter turned out to be much more complex and extensive than originally anticipated, and as a result it acquired the scale of the fight against state corruption.

Time error

Finn is a budding artist, but now has to work as a manager. Kelly dreams of becoming a writer, but has not yet advanced beyond the position of a waitress. Jasper earns bets on dog races, but he is not very lucky. But very soon the life of three friends will change dramatically, because in the house opposite they will find a real time machine that every day gives a photo of how this place will look exactly in a day ...

Areas of darkness

Eddie is a writer from New York. Trying to cope with the creative crisis, he begins to use illegal pills, and very soon his life is getting better: he returns to writing, publishes a bestseller, makes a lot of money, starts playing sports, languages, reads a lot, builds his personal life, energy is in full swing, ideas are like that and swarm in the head. He still does not know that the tablets have a side effect, and soon he will have a hard time.


Robert Langdon wakes up in an unfamiliar place. It turns out that this is a clinic in Italy, and the man himself lost his memory. His attending physician, the charming Sienna, wants to help Robert, but soon they together find themselves in the center of a confused and dangerous story. Some attackers want to spread a deadly virus around the Earth, and the answer to the question "why?" lies somewhere in the pages of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.


Christian Wolf is a genius in mathematics, and he knows that. Perhaps that is why he applies his knowledge in a dangerous and risky sphere - he works as an auditor for fraud organizations. When the Department of Combating Crime of the Ministry of Finance opens a hunt for him, the man lies to the bottom and takes on the business of a legitimate, financially clean organization. But his old customers still need him, and they don’t intend to let him go that easily.

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