9 celebrities who traded Hollywood for ordinary life

Usually, people are convinced that Hollywood and popularity is the embodiment of dreams and pure happiness. What could be better than a series of shootings in successful movies, photo shoots and events for which ordinary people are not allowed? The profession of an actor is a highly paid and revered work, which is probably difficult to refuse. But the truth is that not all actors who succeed hold the same view. Looking at the kitchen from the inside, as they say, they decided to dive into the ordinary and unremarkable life, far from the red carpet and the spotlights.
We decided to remind you of the stars that were in plain sight at one moment, and then simply disappeared from all the radars.

Jack gleason

The series "Game of Thrones" is very popular, so the actors playing in it, too. One of the most prominent is Jack Gleeson, the same guy who so skillfully performed on the screen of Joffrey Baratheon. He was offered many new roles, but Gleason chose to enter the faculty of philosophy in order to become a professor in the future.

Peter Ostrum

The film "Ville Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" made a splash, and the boy, who played the main role, suddenly became very popular. Peter Ostrum tried to settle in the world of Hollywood, but, in the end, realized that his dream was the position of a veterinarian. That is what he is at the moment.

Chris Owen

The comedy "American Pie" is still very popular and millions of people review this film when they are overtaken by nostalgia. Chris Owen played a major role, thanks to which he became famous throughout the world. But he exchanged Hollywood for work as a waiter in a Japanese restaurant.

Freddy prince jr

The iconic horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer" became Freddie Prince Jr.'s road to Hollywood. He played in several notable films, and then disappeared. Where to? Freddie decided that he much more enjoys playing with his voice, that is, voicing the characters, rather than appearing in the frame himself. The Prince is now working for the video game company BioWare.

Carrie Henn

The film "Alien" is considered to be a classic. Carrie Henn played the role of Newt and worked in tandem with Siguni Weaver. For her work in this film, she received the prestigious Saturn Award, but instead of continuing to conquer Hollywood peaks, she chose to become a teacher.

Danny Lloyd

At the age of five, Danny Lloyd played Danny Torrance in the famous movie "Shine", directed by Stanley Kubrick. It would be a great start if the boy did not prefer to unlearn a biology teacher and start working in the profession.

Jonathan Bennett

The teenage film "Mean Girls" is still considered relevant and is listed in the lists of the best paintings of this genre. Jonathan Bennett, who played a major male role, did not achieve much success, despite the popularity of the project. Now he is an instructor.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo has played many prominent roles in successful films. She started acting even when the films were dumb, and then switched to those that were already released with voice acting. Her career has been very successful for ten years. But suddenly, Greta Garbo left the film industry and began to collect works of art.

John Hughes

John Hughes has created films such as Home Alone and Breakfast Club, which are deservedly loved by millions of people around the world. But instead of shooting further masterpieces, the man moved to a suburb of Chicago and led an ordinary life until his death.