Eight actors who asked directors to kill their heroes

Everyone knows the feeling when a favorite hero suddenly dies in a favorite movie. I wonder how you would react to find out that some actors specifically ask the screenwriter to remove his character from the plot? Here are 10 famous actors who voluntarily abandoned their role in the midst of filming.

Breaking Bad Dean Norris

The scriptwriters were writing a script for the latest season, "Breaking Bad." But in the end, they still had to redraw the storyline because of Dean Norris, who was invited to a new series. The actor wanted to start filming as soon as possible, so he asked to speed up the process of killing his hero. The result was comical. The character was killed, but since the shooting lasted longer than planned, then Norris was still late for the shooting of the new series.

"Star Wars". Episodes 5 and 7, Harrison Ford

Few people know, but after filming the first part of the cult saga, Harrison Ford told the director that he wanted his hero killed. However, this idea did not appeal to Lucas, and he agreed only that he would kill the character of Ford in the fifth part. And so it happened. Only in the seventh episode he was still resurrected. This news pleased many fans, but the happiness did not last long - after a while, the hero was again killed at the personal request of Ford.

The Lord of the Rings, Sean Bean

The role of Sean Bean in "The Lord of the Ring" became a cult and brought the actor worldwide fame. But few people know that the character was not going to be killed at all. The script had to be rewritten due to the fact that the actor suffered from aerophobia. A few months after the start of filming, Sean Bean realized that such a shooting format was not for him - the film crew often had to change their location, moving from one country to another, and the actor was terribly afraid to fly on airplanes. As a result, Bean suggested that the director kill his character.

"Welcome to Zombieland", Bill Murray

Patrick Swayze could play the role of Bill Murray in this film, but because of a serious illness, he did not even have time to show the script. The film crew searched for a new candidate for a long time, and they managed to find him in the person of Bill Murray. He gladly accepted the proposal, but on the condition that the role be small. The result is known to you: the character of Murray was killed pretty quickly.

Alien 3, Sigourney Weaver

When the actress found out that after the third part of the cult saga they were going to shoot the film “Alien vs. Predator”, she was very disappointed and asked the director to kill her heroine. Later, Sigourney Weaver explained that she was very proud of all three parts, and even called them masterpieces. And she did not want to continue the trilogy, because she knew - it is unlikely that the new film will surpass the previous ones.

Dr. House, Cal Penn

Few people know, but Cal Penn was not only a first-class actor, but also an excellent politician. When Barack Obama won the election, Penn was offered a seat in a well-known public institution. The scriptwriters, having extensive experience in the sudden deaths of most heroes, without any hesitation helped their colleague and killed his character.

Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens

Stevens played superbly in the series Downton Abbey, but he was not very attached to the series and for this reason asked the scriptwriters to kill his hero. The guys went to meet him, so the moment of the character’s death turned out to be very emotional and touching. The hero of Stevens managed to see the birth of his son, enjoy the beautiful landscape, and then fell off a cliff and died.

Anatomy of Passion, Theodore Raymond Knight

Theodore Raymond Knight was one of the key characters in the television series Anatomy of the Passion. Over the course of all five years, his hero successfully overcame many trials, but in the fifth season, Knight realized that his character was gradually being pushed into the background. He did not want to leave, and tried to offer the scriptwriters some ideas that would help his hero revive again. However, in the end, Knight had a fight with the crew and agreed to a cardinal outcome - the murder of a hero.

The Walking Dead, Stephen Youn

Stephen Yoon did not want his hero to die. But when he read the script, before that he was delighted with the director’s idea that he gave the go-ahead to the tragic ending without any problems.