10 most interesting channels in Telegram about movies and TV shows

Telegram has long been an integral part of the life of avid moviegoers. Read the news, watch the latest trailer, choose a movie for the evening, laugh at the funny gifs from Daenerys ... There are several hundreds of channels dedicated to the film industry. How to choose the most interesting from them? We decided to share with you a list of our channels. Subscribe!

1. TV shows

TV Channel The latest trailers are always published here. In addition, the authors share links to interesting articles about a particular series, make interesting ratings. Subscribe to receive interesting news on your telegram every day: @lastmag

2. Naked movie

Interesting facts about cinema, reviews, shots from films loved by all. We recommend subscribing at least for beautiful pictures from the set: @naked_movie

3. What to see today?

Scrolling through a movie search tape, sorting through movies one by one and don’t know which one to choose? Then you should look at the light in the channel, advising what to see tonight. One good recommendation every day: @whatfilm

4. Telegram of Thrones

For fans (and not only) of the series Game of Trones. What is there but here: spoilers about the next season, and interesting facts, and photos. In general, if you (like us) are looking forward to the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”, then you definitely here @tg_of_thrones

5. Red Chamber

This channel has occupied a rather narrow niche - it talks about Asian film culture. Here you are unlikely to find films from the top 250 Kinopoisk, but in a large assortment - Chinese, Korean, Japanese cinema. @redchamber

6. Film blog "Fak Yu, Spielberg"

Channel of the weekly column “Film Studio” on “Radio KP Kaliningrad”. Mostly publish trailers and movie descriptions. But, it seems, the taste of the authors is not bad @kinostudia

7. # Short Meter

Short Channel Here the most diverse short meter is collected. You can find both a fresh video and a short film of the sixtieth year. All in all, impressive! Fans of short films here: @korotkoekino

8. Tarkovsky's diaries

The author of this channel is clearly not chasing trends, preferring the hype around some “Game of Thrones” to the work of one of the greatest Russian directors - Andrei Tarkovsky. Excerpts from his current diary @Trkvsky are published here.

9. Russian cinema

Really the only channel in telegram dedicated to domestic cinema. Here are recommendations, and interesting facts (for example, how a film was shot about Shurik's adventures), and @onrussiacinema's favorite pictures

10. Art House

In this channel you will find only author's cinema, the very one that will never be shown in movie theaters. Do not like the products of the Hollywood conveyor? So you’ll definitely find something to your liking here @arthauz