Historical photos in color

Black and white shots create the false impression that the events displayed on them took place hundreds of years earlier than in reality. But it’s worth adding a color picture, as the image takes on a completely different look - it seems that you are looking at the frame for the first time.

We invite you to see the most vivid and interesting historical moments in color.

Marilyn Monroe. Booker Tagliaferro Washington, one of the leading advocates for the education of African Americans, in his office at the University of Taskigi, 1906. Picnic lovers in Sarasota, USA, 1941. Armed forces block the road near the site of an explosion at a Texas oil plant on April 17, 1947. General Robert E. Lee a week after the surrender of General Ulysses S. Grant, which put an end to the Civil War, April 16, 1865. Coney Island Luna Park Promenade, New York, 1905 Louis Armstrong rehearsing backstage, 1946. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, 1935. Production of propaganda posters during the Second World War, Port Washington, 1942. Portrait of a family near Muskogee, Oklahoma, during a drought, August 1939. Madison Square, 1900. Norman Rockwell enters Stockbridge Studios in Massachusetts, 1966. A man collects burgers, 1938. Marian Anderson at the Lincoln Memorial, 1939. Comedian and singer Ernie Hare shows his attitude to Prohibition, 1920. "Oasis in the Wastelands," the Red Hawk of the Oglala-Sioux on a horse, 1905.

Tufts University Baseball Team, studio shot, 1890. Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon, 1970. Jimmy Stewart (30s). Pablo Picasso. Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of John F. Kennedy, November 23, 1963. He then had one day to live. Winston Churchill, 1941. Albert Einstein, 1921. A boy delivering newspapers. Japanese archers at the shooting range, approx. 1860 year. The crash of the Hindenburg airship, May 6, 1937. British troops are sent to the Western Front, England, September 20, 1939. Joan Crawford on the set of Letty Linton, 1932. Country shop Old Gold, 1939. Mark Twain in the garden, circa 1900. Albert Einstein, summer of 1939. Audrey Hepburn in the kitchen. Charles Darwin. "Easter Eggs" by American soldiers to Hitler, Easter Eve, 1945. Clint Eastwood, 1960. Charlie Chaplin, aged 27, without makeup, 1916. Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the movie "Giant", 1952. Blues saxophonist Big Jay McNeely and his fans, Los Angeles, 1953. Louis Armstrong plays for his wife Lucille in Cairo, Egypt, 1961. Boxing match between Ray Campbell and Dick Highland, May 1913. William Monroe, 1924 I bought and sold stolen goods. Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield, 1960s. The three Kennedy brothers, who turned into a powerful political triumvirate (1962): John became president, Robert - Minister of Justice, and Edward - Senator. Clint Eastwood at work, 1960. The hairdresser cuts the pilot of the RAF in between flights. Car accident in Washington, 1921. President Lincoln with Major General Macklernand and Alan Pinkerton, 1862.