Review of the film "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend" (2009)

original name: Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

Genre: Drama, Family.

Producer: Lasse Hallström.

Cast: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Carey-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sarah Roemer, Jason Alexander.

Duration: 89 min / 01: 29.

Age limit: 0+.

The script by Stephen P. Lindsay is adapted from a Japanese film made more than 20 years ago. The original script was taken from a documented case of the legendary Akita dog, which for 10 years came every day to the station square and waited for its owner. The director and screenwriter moved Hachiko from Japan to Rhode Island, but left unchanged the touching story of incredible dog devotion, which stirred the whole world and made even strong men cry like children, seeing the dog’s suffering and despair, which every day was waiting for the music teacher played incredible actor Richard Gere will return home.

Gere was one of the producers of the film, and it is likely that his interest in Eastern philosophy gave him a strong connection with the story originating when the protagonist discovers a puppy of Akita, who was left at the station from where he goes to work. Pitying the homeless, sweet puppy, the teacher brings him home in the hope that his master will nevertheless show up, but time passes and Hachiko becomes an indispensable member of the family.

Even the seemingly impregnable mistress of the house, who from the very beginning disliked a cute puppy, fell under the incredible charisma of this best friend of a man - Hachiko. But, despite universal love, the loyalty of the dog itself was given only to its owner.

Due to the fact that the whole plot is twisted around the relationship of Hachiko to the owner, the actors who played the main roles were able to fully reveal their characters.

Hallstrom did an excellent job creating a sense of community in the film. Involuntarily you are moved, watching how the townspeople put so much effort, helping and caring for Hachiko, while he is doing his daily ritual. Those who know the legend will not see anything new on the screen, but will nevertheless inseparably watch every moment, because the director of the film has drawn and worked out every tear scene in detail. Especially the final scenes of the film, which simply break the heart.

Throughout the film, viewers will gaze intensely at the screen with Hachiko, wincing every time a silhouette appears in the background, albeit from afar, but resembling a beloved host. The gamma of the most diverse feelings is shown in the picture: from indescribable delight at the sight of the dearest face of Akita, to the devastating grief that is so well shown in the eyes of Hachiko.

The story of a dedicated dog named Hachiko will surely appeal to children, and parents will be fascinated by the story of such a love for a person.

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