Review of the film "The Last Athlete" (2017)

release date: October 26, 2017.

Genre: comedy, family.

Producer: Dmitry Dyachenko.

Cast: Victor Khorinyak, Mila Sivatskaya, Ekaterina Vilkova, Elena Yakovleva, Konstantin Lavronenko, Evgeny Dyatlov, Alexander Semchev, Sergey Burunov, Alexander Kukharenko.

Duration: 114 minutes / 01:54.

Age limit: 12+.

The white magician Svetozar is the star of the show on television and his name is actually just Ivan. He diligently plays the role of the wizard on and off the program, earning large sums of money on his lies. After one such quackery to remove corruption, Ivan decides to teach a lesson to the client’s rich husband. Running away from the persecution, the “white magician” accidentally enters the world of Russian fairy tales and epics. He is considered the son of Ilya Muromets himself, but alas, the heroes are not loved in this world, and now Ivan is the last hero of this world. But can an ordinary Moscow rogue defeat evil forces?

In 2009, Disney's first Russian film, The Book of Masters, was released. The first pancake was lumpy. The film barely paid off, and viewers and film critics were unhappy from watching. Therefore, it is not surprising that Disney for several years abandoned the idea of ​​making another film for our viewer.

One of the best Russian comedy directors Dmitry Dyachenko was entrusted to shoot the new film. On his account have already become classics "Radio Day", "What Men Talk About" and the most popular series "Kitchen". However, the last Super Beaver movie was unsuccessful, so there were some fears about the new movie production. But in a new fairy tale filmed, Dyachenko regained his confidence.

There are two words to describe “The Last Knight” - a family tale. Here is the main character, unskillful and clownish, but with a kind heart. There is the main villain of the sorceress. And of course, a beautiful girl for whom the hero copes with all the troubles. The battle scenes and magic are not up to the level of other Disney films, but we will make an adjustment to the budget of the film, and it is worth noting that everything looks good visually. Separately, it is worth noting the atmosphere of the film, the director perfectly conveyed the surroundings of Russian fairy tales, the film gives away our originality, not trying to copy something western. It is not clear why the soundtrack in the Russian fairy tale consists mainly of English songs.

For the main role, the director invited actor Victor Khorinyak, whom he knew from the TV series Kitchen. And this choice was successful. Victor also played in the “Kitchen” the charismatic, kind and sweet bartender Kostya, and in “The Last Bogatyr” he is still the same handsome handsome man: the girls will look with joy at the appearance, and the guys will laugh along with his jokes.

Neither good nor bad can be said about the main villain Varvara, performed by Ekaterina Vilkova, the usual role of the evil sorceress. But the detachment of Ivan turned out to be interesting. Mila Sivatskaya - a young actress playing Vasilisa, it is not known whether the Beautiful one will be liked by the male half. Elena Yakovlev in the role of Baba Yaga did not recognize at all, she was made up so well. Konstantin Lavronenko - Kashchei, the insidious leader of evil, who is not alien to the concept of honor and dignity. Well, Sergei “Big Difference” Burunov is always beautiful, this time in the role of Aquarius.

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