Surely many of the cinema lovers are quite skeptical of the Russian film industry. Which is very in vain! In recent years, it began to develop with renewed vigor: directors and their entire team (cameramen, editors, producers, composers, decorators and many others) try new genres, come up with original scripts and, in general, do a lot to make their film like viewer and received well-deserved recognition.

One of such original works that went beyond the usual, which has become a novelty in the Russian film industry, was the Abigail movie 2019 announced by the Russian film company Kinodanz! Genre - Steampunk Fantasy.


Genre: family, adventure, fantasy

Producer: Alexander Boguslavsky

Premiere in Russia: August 22, 2019

Actors:T. Dalakishvili, R. Mukhametov, A. Tkachenko. R. Kurkova, K. Kutepova. G. Bochkov, O. Siu, S. Plege, N. Duvbanov, N. Tarasov

The duration will be more than half an hour, and the age limit is only 6+, so you can watch the whole family.

The director's chair was occupied by Alexander Boguslavsky, who took off several major projects in his 29 years. Among his works, several were particularly distinguished: he worked on the first season of the Russian series "Survive After" and created the adventure film "Beyond Reality", where, by the way, the famous and popular Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas took part.

Footage from the shoot: Alexander Boguslavsky and Tinatin Dalakishvili


More recently, the first teaser trailer for the film “Abigail” has become available for viewing, the frames of which are capturing from the very first seconds: a bewitching picture, nice colors and good special effects - all this forces you to join the monitor and not come off until the very end.

The plot of the movie is that quite a large number of years ago, the authorities of the city in which the main character lives closed all borders because of a mysterious deadly epidemic in order to save him. A young girl, Abigail, lost her father at the age of six: he was taken away, justifying this by the fact that he was infected. The girl decides to find her father. But the search leads her to discover the most frightening mystery of the city: the whole city is filled with magic, and the disease is an excuse to take away people who have this unusual magical gift. Soon Abigail herself discovers unusual abilities.

The film’s stylistic fill is given to steampunk and technological developments along with magic. Also, people fight not only with magic, but with a variety of weapons: swords, crossbows, etc. One of the important components of the world where the main character lives is Engin - devices that can concentrate the carrier’s energy and process it into magic.

"Battle" magic

The theme of steampunk was taken by the filmmakers in order to show the division of the world into 2 parts.

For those who have little idea of ​​what it is, we explain: steampunk is a term that appeared in the 19th century, denoting a direction in science fiction, including a model for the development of mankind, perfectly mastered mechanics, and especially steam engines.


Beautiful locations - one of the most important components of the film. It is thanks to them that we feel and plunge into its atmosphere, it is they who make us understand the external components of the world, understand its structure and way of life.

One of the main locations for fantasy was the cult cinema "Spartak". The building, built in the late 18th century as a church, perfectly conveys the mood of mystery and grandeur, because it is literally saturated with riddles and secrets. This is just a great set for a movie.

The choice of such a location can be considered symbolic - Spartacus was the leader of the slave uprising in ancient Italy. And in the film, young people try to destroy the cruel system, the tyranny of power and end the killings of magicians.

Gatchina became another location - there were involved underground passages built in the 18th century specifically so that you could go straight down from the Main Halls to the cellars and exit to the Lake. Lined with natural limestone, the tunnel is illuminated by four round windows arranged in arches, and therefore it looks very mysterious, creepy and perfect for a steampunk atmosphere.

Gatchina's mysterious dungeons with creepy vaults made of natural stone


The main role in the film was played by the charming Tinatin Dalakishvili, known for her role as Lesia in the comedy Rezo Gigienishvili "Love with an Accent." Having noted in this role, she was noticed by the director Anna Melikyan and invited her to the main role in her film "Star".

Another famous Russian actress, Ravshana Kurkova, played in the film the role of Stella, a young sorceress who perfectly knows martial magic.

Also here can be noted Rinal Mukhametov, the star of the painting "Temporary Difficulties" and "Attraction".

A genre such as fantasy is very rarely used in the works of Russian directors. Well, the fantasy soaked in the atmosphere of steampunk is just a breakthrough for the Russian director. The combination of these two styles gives an unusual feeling while watching and an unusual aftertaste. That is why we advise you to watch the Abigail movie of 2019, which is perfect for family viewing and will surely appeal to fans of this genre.

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