Something for free

What happens when young people take serious cinematographic projects into their own hands? Do they manage to cope with such a huge load and transmit all their ideas through the TV screen? We learn the answer to this question by watching the movie by Alexei Talyzin. You can already watch the trailer for the movie "Something for Free" with the release date in 2019, the actors of which are already known.

Fantastic thriller expectation rating is estimated at 93%.


Genre: science fiction thriller

Producer: Alexey Talyzin

Release in the Russian Federation: 2019 year

Cast: Igor Botvin, Igor Lifanov, Alexander Udalov, Valery Kukhareshin, Igor Grigoryev, Anna Oris and others.

The detective takes on the solution to the series of abductions, which does not promise to lead to anything good. Will he be able to cope with this matter, because the most dangerous enemy from the mystical world will confront him?


In Los Angeles in the 80s of the 20th century, a series of mysterious loss of people takes place. An uncompromising detective, Max Flamberk, is taken to investigate this strange case. During his investigation, the detective discovers that the missing people are connected by a mysterious relationship with a certain subject, however, the authorities and Max's colleagues do not believe him.

It would seem that the solution lies in front of the nose and was about to be found when the death of a key witness in this case occurs. And all this hints at the fact that Max, who was asleep, is to blame for the death of the witness. The detective loses his post, as well as the respect of colleagues, but continues to fight to save the missing, albeit in an unofficial investigation, because the only chance to regain his good name is to finish the job. But the detective will have to face not only the human, but also the other world, some of whose guests obviously do not want Flamberk to solve a mysterious and terrible secret: where did the missing people go?

Director and crew

The creators have outlined the production process for 2016. At the moment, it is known that the shooting of the project took place in the former capital of Russia, St. Petersburg.

The project was directed by a young and talented enthusiast Alexei Talyzin, who also became a producer and screenwriter. Ilya Savelyev also helped in drafting the script, whose projects are: The Lone Battalion (2016), The Girl and the Wish Tree (2018).

Alexey Talyzin

From the crew you can still distinguish such personalities as:

  • Konstantin Alekseenkov and Vadim Bogdanov (Bravist 2016, Grafomafia 2017, Beyond the Walls 2017);
  • The musical component was worked by composers Mikhail Bespalov (TV series “Defenders” 2015) and Yuri Krutikov, who wrote music for the 18th Winter Olympic Games in 2015;
  • The operator was Philip Martynov, known for his work on the films Dryns (2013) and Sofichka (2016).

In general, it can be noted that the team consisted entirely of young and inexperienced cinemas, just starting to take their first steps in the world of big cinema, but full of enthusiasm and creative ideas.

Actors and roles

The thriller was attended by popular stars of Russian cinema:

  • Detective Flanberk was played by Igor Botvin, known for his roles in the projects "Agency NLS", "Sonya Golden Pen";
  • The role of Jennifer Flanberg on the screen was embodied by Anna Oris ("Breathe with me," "Sea Devils");
  • The popular Russian actor Igor Lifanov appeared in the role of Ray Hicks ("Special Forces", "Deadly Force", "Five Minutes of Silence");
  • Valery Kukhareshin reincarnated as Stephen Walker (Scouts, Day Before, The Killer Diary);
  • The role of Tony Price was played by Igor Grigoriev ("Secrets of the investigation", "Gangster Petersburg");
  • Alexander Udalov reincarnated as an agent of Flyne (Tula Tokarev, Alien District 2).

Also in the film starred Nikita Chuzhmarov (known from the paintings "28 Panfilov" and "Consultant") as a detective and other lesser-known actors.

Interesting Facts

You may like the following project information:

  • For Alexei Talyzin, as well as for many other members of the crew, the project became a debut;
  • The creators drew ideas for the plot from the works of Robert Sheckley, but, as the director stated, the longer the crew worked on the project, the less it adhered to the content of the books;
  • To sponsor production, the creators have attracted crowdfunding services.

The release date of the movie "Something for Free" is set for 2019, and a trailer with famous actors has already been provided to the viewer for viewing. It remains to attend the premiere of the thriller and decide whether the film turned out to be really worthy, as well as evaluate the work of the young film crew.

Watch the video: Something for Free (December 2019).