Back in 2016, the shooting of the actors in the film "Ikaria" (2019) was completed, but instead of the trailer, only the announcement is available, the release date is not announced. And this is despite the fact that initially the picture was positioned as a spectacular movie with an interesting idea, involving professionals from not only the film industry, but also futurology and other fields.

The rating of the audience’s expectations of the movie with Ivan Yankovsky and Maria Fomina in the lead roles is 95% according to the KinoPoisk website.



Genre: romance, science fiction

Director's work: Yavora Gyrdeva

With the participation: Ivan Yankovsky, Maria Fomina, Igor Mirkurbanov, Olga Tsirsen, Peter Skvortsov, Alexander Gorchilin, Nikita Kukushkin, Irina Gorbacheva, Maria Kurdenevich, Harald Rosenström

Movie premiere in the world: 2019

Film premiere in Russia: 2019

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 95%

Story line

Some media now and then call the new film by Bulgarian director Yavor Gyrdev a fantastic blockbuster, but critics believe that the picture can most likely be attributed to mythological dystopia with elements of a modern theme. Namely - transplantology.

The events of the film unfold in the very near future, in 2027. What will happen if transplantation of any organ becomes something completely ordinary? If anyone can change their hands, legs, head? The answer is simple - the struggle for an absolutely healthy and perfect body will begin. The main characters were lucky enough to get on a reality show with a completely breathtaking main prize - immortality. Filming takes place in Ikaria, and the conditions for obtaining immortality are simple - the participant must fly and not drown in the sea, as happened with the hero of the myth.

Director and filming process

Yavor Girdev, director and screenwriter of the artistic dystopia "Ikaria", was born in Bulgaria. Gyrdev has only one full-length film behind him, which the director shot in his homeland - the painting "Dzift", made in the style of "noir". The film received good reviews both in the post-Soviet space and in Europe.

The shooting process of the film "Ikaria" took place at various venues in Malta and Russia. Actors had to perform almost all the dangerous actions without the help of stuntmen and understudies.


The film involves domestic actors who managed to show the audience their potential in very popular movies and television series:

  • Ivan Yankovsky, who starred in the films "Come see me", "Indigo", "Night Watch";
  • Maria Fomina, which Russian viewers remember in their roles in the films “The Same Traitor As We Are”, “Evil Joke”, “Ferris Wheel”;
  • Igor Mirkurbanov (“Beyond the End”, “Call DiCaprio”, “Inhale-Exhale”) happened to become a “surgeon of human souls” in the film, starring as the main negative character;
  • Olga Tsirsen also starred in Ikaria, starring in Ambivalence;
  • Peter Skvortsov ("Kids", "Affectionate May", "Pupil", "Matchmakers 5");
  • Alexander Gorchilin ("The Law of the Stone Jungle", "Acid", "Daddy's Daughters");
  • Nikita Kukushkin, noted in the "Class correction", "Method", "Quartet", "Going through the throes";
  • Irina Gorbacheva (“I am losing weight”, “A matter of honor”, ​​“Young Guard”, “Speakerphone”);
  • Maria Kurdenevich ("Island of unnecessary people", "Queen of Spades", "My Eyes");
  • Harald Rosenstrom (Occupied, Viking, War of the Sexes).

Interesting Facts

Future viewers will probably be interested in what:

  • Aircraft designers and futurologists were involved in creating specialized wings that serve as props in Ikaria. The weight of the black metal construction for flights is about half a centner. For each character was made its own individual model;
  • The picture, originally planned for 2017, and then smoothly transferred to 2018, and now this year, was produced by Evgeny Mironov;
  • The soundtrack for the Russian science fiction film was written by the famous punk cabaret The Tiger Lilies, members of the group also took part in the filming as actors.

Although the release date of the science fiction film has not yet been announced, Ikaria (2019) and its actors managed to intrigue the plot, the trailer announcement shows that the film is colorful, it has an interesting idea and high-quality performance. It remains to wait for the premiere and immerse yourself in the events of the near future along with the main characters.

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