"In the arms of lies" - Obsession in the big city

Here is an unusual thriller with a female face, which is first successfully disguised as a melodrama, and then balances on the verge of horror and black humor. The film “In the Embrace of Lies” (Greta) in 2018 already managed the American viewer, earning mostly positive reviews and reviews. And in the domestic rental tape comes March 21, 2019. You will learn how dangerous it is to trust strangers! Under the guise of good manners can be hidden ... obsession!

Attention: The text contains spoilers.

From werewolves and vampires to the city horror story

Director Neil Jordan has already received an Academy Award for Psychological Thriller "Cruel game" back in 1992. Then there were many films about monsters. From "Wolf Company" and loved by the domestic audience "Interview with a Vampire" to the story of the changing face of the underwater creature ("Ondine"). Now he is back to the psychological thriller genre in the movie "In the arms of a lie".

Vampires, werewolves ... obsessed!

And although there is nothing fantastic in it, the influence of previous paintings is still felt. The mansion of the main antagonist of the film lurks in the back alley of populous New York, like a witch’s hut in the woods, as was the case in one of the Grimm’s tales. And his mistress will still have time to show, even if not supernatural, but completely inhuman behavior! "The Brothers Grimm could write a similar story if they lived today", - some critics speak about the film.

“Be at home, Francis, I will not refuse anything”

The film is not officially ranked as a horror genre, but the two leading actresses of the film already had such an experience before they began acting with Jordan. Chloe Grace Moretz in Telekinesis and Dark Shadows, and Mike Monroe in It. Moreover, the director uses some tricks that are more characteristic of the horror genre. When the action on the screen turns out to be a dream or fantasy, and the viewer at some point ceases to distinguish between the thin line between the real and the unreal. Like, for example, in Fantazma or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

"The script of the film IN THE END OF LIES is one of which it is impossible to tear oneself away. It has an incredible amount of unpredictable surprises and turns." Actress Mike Monroe

And yet, the most terrible demons within us. Neil Jordan masterfully translates the theme of obsession from the plane of evil spirits and exorcism into the field of practical psychology. Shows what a terrible joke the fix idea can play with a person when it "grows" like a tumor.

I see the goal, and morality is not an obstacle!

Catching on ... a handbag!

At first the story seems simple. Young Francis McCullen (Chloe Moretz) finds a handbag in the subway and decides to return it to her rightful owner, instead of just getting the money she found there, as her best friend Erica (Mike Monroe) advises. Francis gets acquainted and gets closer to the "lost" bag Greta Hidek (Isabelle Huppert). It seems that their growing friendship is nothing special. Frances recently died mother, and she needs a caring and wise man next to her!

Be afraid of your desires. Sometimes they are executed too literally!

The subtle psychological game of the director is even manifested in the fact that the original name of the script “Widow” in the American box office changed to “Greta”. We hear the word “widow” and immediately think of a heartbroken woman. We are adjusting to the negative. And Greta is a person! She is a relic in a world where they absorb fast food and confuse Hungarian with Klingon (a fictional language from the science fiction franchise Star Trek).

Greta is fluent in French, understands expensive wines, and plays Franz Liszt on the piano. Is there anything suspicious about this list? All thanks to the masterful game of the owner of many awards for her role in independent cinema, Isabelle Huppert, which gives the ordinary widow new features.

"Greta is a rather difficult character. It was necessary to convey all this fading beauty of an elderly, but still attractive woman. A very delicate and difficult task for the actress." Producer James Flynn

The slogan of the picture is "Do not fall for the hook." The moment when Francis was gradually fascinated by Greta could have been lasting for a very long time, but in the film everything would end too quickly with a gloomy soundtrack and a terrible find in a woman's locker. “Lost Handbags” in her TENS collection. Each helped to get the phone of a new young girl. They are trying to replace Greta's own daughter, who in horror fled from her mother. The fault is the sadistic methods of education.

Greta needs a new daughter - at all costs! In the future, filmmakers change their slogan. Francis quickly gets off the hook and runs away from Greta, but now she has a much more difficult task - to get rid of her obsessive girlfriend ...

“Mom is Me. Only Me”

And the "mother" sees everything. And the "mom" will come. And the "mother" will certainly find you ...

Take a look around. Life in the metropolis and the modern rhythm of life wear out our psyche and make the concept of "norm" very vague. The adequacy of the behavior of your neighbor or work colleague can only be a disguise, like our heroine Greta. Some of us had to meet obsessive clients at work, constantly asking ourselves the same questions that cannot be answered. Someone came across obsessive lovers who did not give up trying to get you even after the unequivocal "No" was said.

Some of these people may well be called obsessed! And it's not about evil spirits at all. In a psychological, scientific sense, obsession is a state of complete subordination of the mind of the person to ONE idea, ONE feeling. Beware of such people. Even if the idea that they live is the brightest. Sometimes with good intentions ... Beware, because for the sake of realizing the fix idea (the term was introduced by the German psychiatrist Karl Wernicke) they are ready to do a lot. If you do not break the law, then betray or do other harm ...

On the screen, we are gradually immersed in the theory and practice of psychological rather than mystical obsession. Obsession gives the "puny old woman" all new and dangerous skills. A woman who could not get a dog and use a mobile phone is capable of ... abduction !.

In the frame, Greta's house is again, but unexpected locations open there. Francis is in the frame again, but she also briefly transformed from a "sleepwalker" into a Killer from another picture of Chloe ("Kick"). What is already impossible to predict. The viewer seems to be blocked in the car, which the mad taxi driver-director leads at a breakneck speed to one guided target.

The police refused her, they did not help her in court, but, in reality, she was surprised only when they refused ... her legs!

"What is scary and what is not?"

Testosterone on the set was completely absent. This is unbelievable! Even dealing with each other in the frame, as required by the script, our actresses laughed amicably when the take was completed. It was just amazing, Chloe Grace Moretz admits.

In the thriller only girls. From left to right: Mike Monroe, Chloe Grace Moretz, Isabelle Huppert

But perhaps this is the minus picture. If the actresses played according to the Stanislavsky system, then they would not be laughing after SUCH scenes. And so in some moments the viewer will be guaranteed to laugh already. It is possible that the laid-back fun after the murder also enters the clinical picture of the possessed, but, on our side of the screen, not everyone is a connoisseur of psychoanalysis. Horror turns in some places into some kind of grotesque that cannot be accepted without laughter.

But what is really scary is the dialogue in the restaurant. The waiter refuses to take the crazy Greta out of the house, because she ... paid for the table. The laws of capitalism in action. There is money - that means you are normal!

It is frightening that society is defenseless against the possessed. It is impossible to prove that a broken psyche of a person is predisposed to commit a crime until it is committed. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, then before watching the movie (or after) open the book "Get out of your mind! A guide to mental disorders for a resident of a big city." We emphasize the big city!

But thank God there are friends! And, thank God, my friends ... a little less cockroaches!

It’s also scary to be “without a king in your head”. Do a little experiment in a movie theater. Imagine that Francis has no girlfriend at all Erica. This is just a rational part of her consciousness, which is slightly crushed by melancholy, but still suggests the correct way out of the situation. The embodied sanity and worldly cynicism! Now ask yourself, what is Erica's “share” in you? Thanks to Mike Monroe for such a positive and robust character! Watch the movie "In the Embrace of Lies / Greta" (2018), leave your feedback and reviews, and ... try to get out of ... AS YOURSELF as little as possible!

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