Star Wars Weekend - runDisney 2019

As the whole world awaits the release of the final installment of Star Wars: Episode 9, fans can enjoy the weekend with the 2019 RunDisney Star Wars marathon! What it is? You will find out now!

"Star Wars Rival Run Weekend"

This is an epic Star Wars weekend featuring heroes from the galactic saga. People will be able to meet some of their favorite characters, pose for photos, and even earn collectible themed medals! And also become part of an exciting event and experience the “Star Wars” in a completely new way.

The main event will be a marathon: the battle between darkness and light will continue in reality during a weekend dedicated to the legendary film universe. Fans will be able to choose a side and join it for an epic battle!

The Star Rival Run Challenge (essentially a race of participants) will be held in Orlando, Florida, with a date scheduled for April 4-7, 2019.

Here are 7 things to remember when embarking on this fascinating adventure:

  1. You are there to have fun. Earning medals and setting personal records can be very exciting, but when things go wrong, remember - this race is just fun! Take a moment to look around. You will run through the entire Walt Disney World Resort, surrounded by other fans and friends who share your hobbies. What could be better?
  2. Do not forget your worn out sneakers! A race day requires a pair of sneakers that need to be worn out because no one likes blisters from new shoes, especially when they appear right in front of the finish line;
  3. No need to put on some new outfit. As well as for shoes, a race is not the time to try a new outfit for the first time and discover that it is rubbing, sagging, or even uncomfortable. Wear only comfortable equipment;
  4. If you need some thing during training, you will need it on the day of the race. Before you go for a run, take: one handkerchief for every 3 miles you plan to run, a healthy dose of at least SPF 70+ sunscreen, headphones and a water bottle for longer runs;
  5. Set a goal and try to achieve it. If you want to try to count the time, set the pace and do everything possible to achieve it. If you just want to finish, keep an eye on the finish line;
  6. But, as the great Jedi Masters said: "You must have patience!" Be nice to yourself, no matter what you want to achieve, and remember that slow and steady running is much better than fast. Do not overwork. If you feel lethargic on the starting line or even halfway, do not be ashamed to walk;
  7. Do not forget about the sense of accomplishment. Are you not an early bird? Running at 5:30 in the morning will not be pleasant for you if you usually prefer to stay in bed as much as possible in the morning. But when you cross this finish line, you will feel a sense of pride and achievements that will remain with you for many days. And if you lay out your equipment the night before, as well as everything you need to get to the starting line, you will have a much smoother start.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit runDisney's Star Wars weekend. This marathon will be a great opportunity to get into your favorite movie universe and become a part of it.

#MondayMotivation for all those prepping for @ RunDisney's #StarWarsHalf Weekend: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

- Star Wars (@starwars) March 25, 2019