Bureau - what is known about season 5

It became known which season of the popular French television show will be the last - the release date in Russia, the actors, the plot of the 5th season of the Bureau of Legends series have been announced, and the trailer has not yet been released. The project will end the story of the life of agents DGSE (General Directorate of External Security of France), and its continuation is not foreseen.

Rating of the series: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.7.


Le bureau des légendes


Genre: drama

Producer: Eric Roshan, Anton Chevrolet, Elie Sistern and others

Season 5 Release Date: 2020 year

Cast: Mathieu Kassowitz, Florence Loiret, Sarah Girodo, Jules Sago, Jonathan Zakkai, Jean-Pierre Darrussen, Zineb Triqui, Gilles Cohen, Irina Muluile, Lea Drucker and more.

Returning from a mission in Syria, the French intelligence agent does not want to leave the role and continues to work undercover, endangering her beloved girl.


In season 4, a trained CIA and DGSE agent, Malotru, fled to Moscow, where he was forced to collaborate with Russian special services. Mary-Jane, the current director of the Bureau, is also launching a new mission of enormous proportions: she wants to send an undercover agent to the Russian hacker community in Moscow. A young native of DGSE, Caesar is also preparing to go to Russia, where cyber war is now being waged. In parallel, Jonas, a Syrian analyst responsible for finding the most dangerous French jihadists after the defeat of Daesh, crosses the Middle East.

What will end Malotru’s cooperation with the Russian special services, and what will be affected by cyber war? The answers to these polls we find out in the 5th season.

Director and shooting

The directors of the series include:

  • Eric Roshan (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Deadly Alignment, Moebius);
  • Anton Chevrolet (The Black Baron);
  • Elie Sistern ("Vandal");
  • Mathieu Demi ("Aram", "Arlette", "A Few Days in September", "Tomboy").

The screenwriters of the project were:

  • Eric Roshan
  • Cappuccino Roshan ("Long live the republic!");
  • Camille de Castelno ("Bloody Mountain", "Cruise");
  • Emmanuel Bourdieu ("Bridge of the Arts", "Christmas Tale", "Cursed Friendship").
The new screenwriters of the series are: Jacques Odiar, whose works include the films Professional, The Prophet, Read On The Lip, Sisters Brothers, Cecile Ducrock (House of Tolerance, Ten Percent).

The producers are:

  • Eric Zawali ("Sansa", "Cookies", "When I grow up small", "Gazelles");
  • Darko Skulsky (Chernobyl, Orange Love, Nureyev: his scene is the whole world);
  • Alex Berger.

For installation responsible:

  • Pascal Fenouillet ("Moebius", "Night", "Mafiosi");
  • Jean-Baptiste Maureen (Cinderella, Versailles, Marseille);
  • Lea Masson (The Big Game, The Virgin Soldier).
Filming of the series takes place in Paris and Morocco: in the village of Merzouga and Casablanca, as well as in Russia and Ukraine. The fifth season will air on Canal Plus in 2020.

Actors and roles

In the series starred:

  • Mathieu Kassowitz as Malotru (Amelie, Munich, Hatred, Crimson Rivers, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, War and Peace, Happy End);
  • Florence Loiret as Mary-Jane Dufel (Two Worlds, Suddenly I Miss All, Spiral, Justice or Chaos);
  • Sara Girodo in the role of Marina Luazo (“King, Squirrel and Already”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Rosalie Blum”, “French Divorce”);
  • Jules Sago in the role of Silen Ellenstein ("It's not easy with me");
  • Jonathan Zakkai in the role of Raymond Sisteron ("Far in the Neighborhood", "St. Tropez", "Highlander", "My Heart Has Beat Stopped", "Robin Hood", "Nureyev: The White Raven");
  • Jean-Pierre Darrussen in the role of Henri Dufloux (Long Engagement, 22 bullets: Immortal, Dialogue with My Gardener, Promise at Dawn);
  • Zineb Triki in the role of Nadia el Mansour ("Frozen Dead");
  • Gilles Cohen in the role of Meg (“Chasing”, “Three Men and a Baby in a Cradle”, “Nun”, “Retribution”, “Three Memories of My Youth”);
  • Irina Muluyle in the role of Daisy (School for All, Camping 2);
  • Lea Drucker in the role of Dr. Lauren Balm ("Synonyms", "Guardianship", "Before Losing Everything," "Divine Emily").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Prior to this series, Matthieu Kassowitz has not starred in television projects for more than 10 years;
  • An American remake of the Bureau series, called the Department, is being developed, and Peter Landesman (Mark Fett) will become its screenwriter and director;
  • Actress Leia Drucker received an award in the Cesar Award nomination as Best Actress for playing in the movie Guardianship.

The last 5 season of the “Bureau of Legends” series, the release date in Russia, the actors whose story has been announced and the trailer has not yet been released, will put an end to the whole project, reveal the last remaining secrets and secrets, and also show how the fate of the characters will turn out.

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