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7 body exchange movies

Filmmakers from all countries are happy to use the concept of body exchange. Children change places with adults and vice versa, or men change with women. This is usually due to the use of magic, a curse, or even experimental technology. As a rule, such films are comedic, because the exchange of bodies causes a lot of ridiculous situations, until the characters get used to their new status, figure out how to resolve the situation or put up with it.

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Moscow of the 80s

So we are arranged, sometimes we really want to return to the past, because it seems to us almost perfect: "Everything was better then, a long time ago - and people, and the country, and our beloved city." But, looking at photographs depicting the most diverse aspects of real, real life, we begin to realize that the history of our beloved city includes quite contradictory and ambiguous times and eras.

15 films that inspire you to travel

We will regret only two things on our deathbed - that we loved little and traveled little. About this a hundred years ago, the writer Mark Twain spoke. And everything seems to be clear, and you agree with everything, but for some reason, before going to bed, you start the hated alarm clock at 7:00 again and again. In the morning you wake up, brush your teeth and, without having breakfast, rush to an unloved job in order to emerge from the stuffy office at exactly 18:00 and start this circle all over again.

Oscars 2019 - New Nominees

Judging by the latest news, on January 22, 2019, official nominees for the OSCAR Prize of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were named in the United States. Based on real events, the film “Vice” (“Power”,), the release date of which is set for release in Russia on February 21, 2019, received 8 nominations for the OSCAR film award, as: “Best film”; “Best Director” (namely Adam McKay, Adam McKay); “Best Actor of the 2nd Plan” (Sam Rockwell, Sem Rockwell); “Best Actor” (Christian Bale, Christian Bale); "The best makeup and hairstyles"; "The best original script"; “Best Actress of the 2nd Plan” (Amy Adams, Amy Adams); "The best installation."

7 films based on cruel psychoanalysis

For those who are passionate about psychoanalysis, we have prepared as many as seven films that tell about the secrets of the world. It’s definitely not enough to do without analytical skills! A Clockwork Orange Alex experiences an unreasonable and aimless craving for violence. He is so passionate about this that he stands out even against like-minded people who, over time, begin to be afraid of him.

"In the arms of lies" - Obsession in the big city

Here is an unusual thriller with a female face, which is first successfully disguised as a melodrama, and then balances on the verge of horror and black humor. The film “In the Embrace of Lies” (Greta) in 2018 already managed the American viewer, earning mostly positive reviews and reviews. And in the domestic rental tape comes March 21, 2019.

Hannah: The Perfect Weapon - All About Season 2

Season 2 of the series "Hannah" (2020) received the release date of the series, the actors and plot have already been announced, the trailer has not yet been released. The continuation of the television project from Amazon will reveal the remaining secrets of the origin of the main character, who all her life lived remotely from civilization, learning the art of survival. Rating of the series: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 7.6.

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10 jailbreak movies

At all times, people have been interested in characters with intelligence and ingenuity. But in whom, if not in runaway criminals, are these feelings fully developed? Here’s a list of some of the best action-packed jailbreak and action movies about jailbreak. Escape from the Shawshank (The Shawshank Redemption) 1994 Genre: Drama Rating: KinoPoisk - 9.1, IMDb - 9.3 "Escape from the Shawshank" is an unfading classic based on the work of Stephen King.

A lot of cold northern beauty in the blog of a Swedish photographer

Magnus Dovlind lives on the western shore of Lake Venern, in the small town of Åmål (Omol), whose population barely reaches 10 thousand people. Rides in the countryside, takes pictures of nature, lonely boats on the lake, a forest hidden in fog, a wooden bridge over the river and a road covered with snow.

Top 10 best films of 2017

The end of 2017 is coming, which means it is time to take stock. Over the past twelve months, viewers have been gifted with the generosity of great blockbusters and knowledge of low-budget documentaries. Filmmakers continue to look for new ways - both grandiose and more modest - to entertain, excite and educate.

“Portrait of a Girl on Fire” - a love story of a woman artist and her model

Two heroines fall in love in the film “Portrait of a Girl on Fire” (the release date in Russia is set for 2019, the world premiere took place in May 2019, the trailer and a detailed plot are presented below). Actors, and more precisely, actresses Noemi Merlan and Adele Enel, will tell an amazing story of the rapprochement of two women unlike one another: the artist and the young bride.

Review of the film "Girl"

The teenage period is the most difficult in everyone’s life. And if you add to this the ambition to become a ballet dancer, the start of hormone therapy and the expectation of a sex change operation? About this in the directorial work of Lucas Dont, the film “Girl” (2018), which was released in 2019 and collected a lot of reviews, both shocked and dissatisfied, the reviews of critics are also ambiguous (the release date in Russia is February 7, 2019).

Surprising but true

In life, sometimes strange, difficult and terrible things happen that are not subject to explanation. But secrets lurking in the motives of our actions and hiding in our past are even stranger and worse than that - this is what the next film is about. One of the most anticipated films of 2019 was the Canadian film "Surprisingly, but a fact."

Mandalorean (The Mandalorian)

With the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 9, one of the greatest series of feature films of all time will end, but franchise fans should not be upset, because it will switch to a new format and begin a new story - the release date of the Mandalorets series is set for the end of 2019 (The Mandalorian), the trailer is available for viewing, the actors are also known.

Jared Leto will try on the costume of the founder of Playboy magazine

Hugh Hefner, founder of the scandalous Playboy magazine, passed away at the age of 91 last week, but his departure seems to have breathed life into a long-standing attempt to make a film based on his biography. What is the next step? Jared Leto agreed to embody the image of the famous publisher in the upcoming biopic. The tape about the life of the founder of "Playboy" was supposed to be published back in 2007.

The Little Humpbacked Horse

Judging by the trailer for the movie "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (2020), the actors will please with a modern movie tale, the release date of which is set for March 5, 2020. Everything new is well forgotten old, and therefore old Russian fairy tales and epics cannot go out of fashion. The characters of the modern "Little Humpbacked Horse" easily and funny interpret the work of Peter Pavlovich Ershov.

The most beautiful cat with multi-colored eyes

The new Internet sensation - a charming snow-white cat named Alos. You must admit that it’s hard not to pay attention to these bewitching eyes. The different eye color is explained by heterochromia - in the blue eye of a cat there is not enough pigment such as melanin. Beautiful Alos breed Turkish van lives with his mistress Burju Kainak in Turkey.

Moscow in love

Ah love! A wonderful feeling that makes every person many times happier. Countless film projects were created on the basis of love themes, so the Russian director Konstantin Fam decided to fantasize about love and presented his film "Moscow in Love", the release date and actors of which are known, and the trailer is available for viewing.